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From Stephan Seitz <>
Subject Re: Deployment failed on XenServer due to capacity miscalculation
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2015 20:51:38 GMT
Hi there,

despite not reading the whole thread, I'ld assume that there's simple no
single memory segment of the requested size available at your particular
Just keep in mind, that Xen partitions memory and - after long run -
could not assign a contiguous block, even if the sum of all segemented
blocks is greater.
It depends on the version (and if you're brave on different tmem
settings) how reorganization is managed.
Long story short: put the particular host in maintenance, reboot it and
get it back into your ACS.



Am Freitag, den 10.07.2015, 18:02 +0200 schrieb Martin Emrich:
> Hi!
> Am 10.07.2015 um 16:42 schrieb Timothy Lothering:
> > Hi Martin,
> >
> >  From the logs it seems that ACS has found that the host has sufficient memory capacity,
but when it deploys it, it seems there is not enough. It could be a bug whereby technically
the system has enough capacity, but during the provisioning stage, it suddenly does not.
> >
> > errorInfo: [HOST_NOT_ENOUGH_FREE_MEMORY, 4447010816, 1744826368]
> >
> I read this message as [..., Requested Memory, Available Memory ] on the 
> XenServer.
> >  From the logs it seems you are also using Local Storage (vs Shared), so initially
it finds that host 335 has enough memory (albeit ~7MB left) and tries to deploy. The deploy
fails and it tries to redeploy the VM using Host 335's storage, which is inaccessible.
> >
> > 1. Have you tried to deploy a 2GB memory Machine on this host?
> Yes, won't work either, as the XenServer just had 1,7GB free.
> But I could create a 512MB VM as expected.
> Now ACS thinks the host has 3,507 GB free, while XenServer reports 1,2GB 
> free. So the gap between what is really free and what ACS thinks is free 
> remains the same.
> > 2. Do both hosts have the same CPU and memory configuration?
> yes, absolutely identical.
> > 3. Try to the following:
> >
> > a. Increase the cluster.memory.allocated.capacity.disablethreshold from 0.85 to
0.90 and restart MS - Test redeploy
> > b. Decrease the cluster.memory.allocated.capacity.disablethreshold from 0.85 to
0.80 and restart MS - Test redeploy
> >
> > The above two tests should get your Host a bit more manoeuvrability and see what
happens in the MS Logs.
> No effect, as these options refer to a complete cluster, not a single 
> host. After changing them, ACS still tries to deploy a new 2GB VM on the 
> full host.
> I think the key is to somehow force ACS to _ask_ XenServer how much 
> memory is really free, instead of doing it's own calculations.
> Ciao
> Martin

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