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From Traiano Welcome <>
Subject The state of PaaS in CloudStack
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 17:40:54 GMT
Hi List

First of all, thanks to the CloudStack developer and user community
for an excellent piece of software!

I'd like to understand the best way of implementing a PaaS layer on
top of a CloudStack 4.5 based IaaS.

The ideal (to me) is for the PaaS layer to be integrated to the point
that PaaS can be provisioned by the end-user from the same interface
as infrastructure is provisioned (the C.S web via), and/or for
something like a PaaS templating syntax to be available for automated
provisioning of PaaS on on CloudStack.

Since C.S does not appear to have "native PaaS" integrated with it,
the options would appear to be something like this:

a) Implement a given PaaS with templates as a service offering
b) Automate PaaS template deployments using cloudmonkey or the C.S API
c) Install a PaaS management layer like OpenShift or Stackato 'on top'
of CloudStack

Are these all the current options for implementing integrated PaaS on
CloudStack? What would be the "best" approach (i.e the most tightly
integrated with C.S from the end-user perspective) ?


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