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From Luke Camilleri <>
Subject Re: Basic networking using a separate physical nic for guest traffic
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2015 10:40:48 GMT
Hi Erik,

as with your suggestion using the xe-network-list and then using the 
xe-network-param-set I think that is basically the same thing as 
changing the name from the properties of the networking tab in the hosts 
networking section.

The SSVM needs to download the templates and that would be guest traffic 
in fact when I fixed it the template downloaded immediately.

The storage traffic will be added later but thanks for pointing it out

On 6/14/2015 12:16 AM, Erik Weber wrote:
> Can't really say I'm familiar with that setting, so it's hard to say what
> kind of implications you get from it.
> What I usually do is find the uuid of the network I want to use within
> cloudstack with "xe network-list", and give it a name-label with
> "xe-network-param-set uuid=<FROM PREVIOUS> name-label=<WHATEVER I WANNA
> And that's it.
> If necessary I create the bond first, but in the case of single nic
> networks I use the network that's related to the nic.
> One thing though, your SSVM isn't doing any guest traffic, thus it
> shouldn't be on any guest networks.
> You most likely want to add a storage network.

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