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From Luke Camilleri <>
Subject Re: Basic networking using a separate physical nic for guest traffic
Date Sat, 13 Jun 2015 21:51:28 GMT
Thanks Erik you are spot on. When checking the 4 interfaces of the SSVM 
in XenCenter I noticed that eth1, eth2 and the3 are all assigned to the 
management interface network of the xenserver host although I changed 
the network label in the guest traffic UI.

Can this be due to the case that on the xenserver in the network 
settings I have the "Automatically add this network to new virtual 
machines" checked?

Thanks in advance

On 6/12/2015 8:24 PM, Erik Weber wrote:
> Verify in xencenter or by cli that the ssvm is actually connected to the
> right interface.
> Erik
> Den fredag 12. juni 2015 skrev Luke Camilleri <>
> følgende:
>> Hi there, can anyone help me in configuring a second physical nic for the
>> guest traffic please?
>> I am using the basic networking model and would like to use a dedicated
>> nic to handle the guest traffic. i have set a network label (CS-GUEST) in
>> xenserver 6.5 and mapped the same name in cloudstack's guest network option
>> but I cannot ping the default gateway from the secondary storage VM and
>> therefore I cannot download the initial CentOS 5.6 template and start
>> creating the VM's
>> Thanks in advance
>> Luke

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