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From Stephan Seitz <>
Subject best way to patch or modify systemvm (routervm)
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:31:23 GMT
Hi there,

we'ld like to connect to virtualrouters[1] via l2tp/ipsec vpn. In
general, this works as expected, except vpn-clients are unable to
use the virtualrouter as DNS-Server (which is correctly propagated to
the vpn-clients).

Inside the VR, /etc/dnsmasq.conf shows

ppp0 is never covered by that configuration.

As a quick fix, I removed the interface= and listen-address= line.
To get rid of those lines, I also removed them in /etc/dnsmasq.conf.tmpl
and commented one dnsmasq.conf-related sed
in /etc/init.d/cloud-early-config.

I did the very same changes inside the 4.5 systevm-template. I used
blktap to get access to the vhd.

All I did shows no effect to the VRs. Every deployment seems completely
unaltered, so I'ld like to ask how (and where) I'm able to patch ( or
personalize ) my router-VMs.

Thank's for any suggestions!

- Stephan

[1] root@r-55-VM:~# cat /etc/cloudstack-release 
Cloudstack Release 4.5.1 Tue May  5 00:33:58 UTC 2015

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