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From Franky Hall <>
Subject Virtual Router Troubleshooting (howto?)
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 23:37:29 GMT
So my virtual router was not receiving DHCP requests. When rebooted it would only bring up
eth0 and not eth1. So I destroyed it. Cloudstack didn’t recreate it until I made a new VM.
I saw the new VR get created in vCenter, but then nothing. CS says ‘Starting’ and nothing
is happening in vCenter. The VM exists now, but it’s not running and there are no pending

How does one continue troubleshooting from here? I can tail the management-server log, but
it’s so verbose it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s related to the VR and what’s
not.  How do I see the status on the VR creation? I’d love to learn how to troubleshoot
these problems in CloudStack; they always drain hours out of my day and in the end I feel
like I didn’t do anything. CS just fixes itself afar a few hours. That’s great and all,
but it’s a few hours my entire infrastructure is unusable while my hands are tied.

I have five dedicated vmware 5.5 hosts running in a DRS cluster with CloudStack 4.4.2. Just
looking for tips on how to troubleshoot VR and SS problems..


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