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From Laurent Steff <>
Subject Re: Unable to set SSVM
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 18:06:00 GMT

As far as I understood from Cloudstack, nothing except the UI is working if the Secondary
systemVM is down after an new installation.

For a fresh install, you need to download and install the correct systemVM template needed
SSVM installation.

Once SSVM is up, template upload, for example, is managed by the SSVM.

As pointed in the documentation you followed :

You should see two system VMs: one for managing secondary storage, and one for managing console
If they are missing, CloudStack will try to re-create them every 30 seconds or so.

I would try to resolve this problem first : why the SSVM is not created by the Management
Server or connected
to it ?

A few way to find things :

- Management Server and Agent logs (you could set them in DEBUG mode if you need to)
- debug on SSVM (well, if it's created and running long enough to ssh it :D)
- libvirt/qemu logs


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> De:
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> Envoyé: Mardi 12 Mai 2015 11:32:23
> Objet: Unable to set SSVM
> Hi,
> I have installed Cloudstack4.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 server system. The server
> system has an IP Address:- gw:
> I used basic setup to begin with. I gave POD a series of 5 IP's beginning
> with and then set up guest VM's with another 5 IP's
> On the server system I followed the :
> guide and set up primary and secondary storage.
> Also the Cloudstack agent and management server are all on one
> system(server). The various problems faced:
> 1) Now after having successfully launched the zones,pods,clusters,host
> and storage, I cant download an ISO image(cent o.s) and if, I upload an
> ISO image. It gets uploaded but in the properties shows no option to
> download or copy. Similarly for templates.
> 2) After few hours on the dashboard-system capacity page, The secondary
> storage reads- 0.00Kb/0.00Kb
> And when I open the Infrastructure page , the system VM's page, has SSVm
> disconnected. It tries to reconnect and recreate. like s-1086-vm, s-108-vm
> and keeps getting disconnected.
> 3) Also I followed  the guide to ping and ssh to run the ./
> script in the secondary storage, But I am unable to do so(Public IP
> Address
> Private IP Address
> Link Local IP Address on any one of them.
> 4) There is no virtual router.
> 5) There were few errors on dashboard , that I do not understand, or find
> any posts related to
> (i)No usage server process running
> (ii)System Alert: Number of unallocated private IPs is low in pod test_pod
> of availability zone test_zone
> (iii)Management network CIDR is not configured originally. Set it default
> to
> (iv)VM state sync alert

Laurent Steff


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