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From sebgoa <>
Subject [WWW] Website now managed via Git
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 07:53:55 GMT
Hi folks,

Our website is now managed via Git.
The build is now using Middleman [1] instead of the Apache CMS.

The source of truth for the site is at:;a=summary

It is mirrored on GitHub like all our other repos and we can accept pull request as well:


1- Why middleman ?
Because it took me 30 minutes to move from the Apache CMS to a successful middleman build.

2- What's left to do ?
-Improve README for build instructions
-Put all license headers where they should be
-Improve file tree. I put everything flat
-Put in github PR instructions
-delete the wiki page [2]
-work on new Web design.

3-How can I help ?
-Clone via GitHub
-Work on your changes and submit a github pull request


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