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From Suresh Sadhu <>
Subject RE: Unable to use console proxy with vCenter 5.5
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2015 05:35:31 GMT
Is it upgraded environment its fresh setup. 

Check the following :
1. keystore table in your database has right keys.
2. global configuration parameters  related console proxy url has right domain information
 and it should be * in case of secure communication and  for http mode it should
be empty.
3. once you successfully uploaded certificates ,check the console proxy   whether your certificate
is uploaded  or not. Check the below files in console proxy:
/etc/ssl/private/cert_apache.key, (more info refer:
it might help)

Also if  you change  console mode from http to https then recreate the console proxy  by destroying
the current cosnsole proxy vm.

Please  share  the logs It will more helpful to understand the problem.


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From: Somesh Naidu [] 
Sent: 18 March 2015 04:11
Subject: RE: Unable to use console proxy with vCenter 5.5

What kind of error do you see on the console proxy session? Have you allowed for the VNC ports
on the host firewall?

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Citrix Systems, Inc.

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From: Dave Hoffman []
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 6:01 PM
Subject: Unable to use console proxy with vCenter 5.5

We have an environment with Cloudstack 4.3.2 and vCenter 5.5.  We can start vms without issue
from templates and ISO but we cannot get the console proxy to return a usable console session.
 The console proxy vm starts, it can get out to the internet, it can hit the hypervisors on
443 and 80 but it will not return a usable consoly proxy session.

The logs have been pretty much useless and tcpdumping the traffic hasn't yielded much information.

The cert has been applied and the DNS is resolving correctly but we do not see much traffic
going from the console proxy vm to vCenter when requesting a console proxy session.

Any help on where to look would be great.

*Dave Hoffman*
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