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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: Secondary Storage VM & Console Proxy creation failure
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 06:44:49 GMT
Hi Daniel,

I'm not exactly sure what's happening. The general issues around this
are incorrectly configured primary/secondary storage, systemvm templates
not seeded or chmod issues.

If you're trying with KVM, you may read this:

For ACS 4.4 - Download systemvm templates from this URL and check the
MD5 checksum after downloading:

If you need docs and all links on one page try this:

Lastly, when you try a clean/fresh installation next time and face any
issues share the management server logs somewhere with us so we can help
debug your issues.


On Friday 06 March 2015 09:47 PM, Daniel Kollmer wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On 03/06/2015 01:12 PM, Partha Goswami wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> I have faced same problem. i had just installed Cloudstack and add
>> "Basic Zones" Then I have changed in Zones> Physical Networking And
>> I have faced same issue, for quick solution, i just delete db and
>> run cloudstack-management commnad for setup and setup zones again
>> with wizards, I have not any issue anymore.
> Hello Partha
> I tried that and I ended up with the exact same error. BTW, to try and
> make sure that I have the compatible one, I used the system VM
> template which is recommended on this page here:
> KKind regards;
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> ysCKPLgyFrSvofnpCbMw+0rgeyFi5hqAzktnAgVk4LWRx+MVvwr7YHT7DCpVTNwG
> 9nkLeqbS2xugGRHiUFD84LOcMvG6IX1WqQ0R1aZz2J77HKu2cwU53YJ0KC7NSTkR
> d4yUebM4g9drTC7pxNDTnK1Gv9nDFJCF2c7YTV71QNL2m6ezWQweYw6phspxwQgH
> xG9c05Zpcrf9GW+IgRSqGwbHo+noZGyT04DTsSLTo7AVL94EorkUW8AUkt5uFt4o
> ztO68Zq3EwL72a1f/DA9p5zmUYVltsGn07K8wshHpAdZ3t1d197641T6noMNDmu+
> j9bULkq6QTDOtOKjVoIcL02Xd9V3janKIGj+977cY5ztu8rE7YfwklVbVv6JqFeH
> PCTIKBpxbewBXZNFCmOWEeHBLGX/+Cp4wvA+UP4Pvs3q8aiF+r/OJmW+yFEWmgkY
> tDR1p524eloCMJ3OFEkh
> =Ppjt

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