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From Erdősi Péter <>
Subject Re: VNC bind address
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:30:43 GMT

2015.03.18. 13:28 keltezéssel, Alexey írta:
> What algoritm is used for choosing VNC listen address?
I actually not know the answer for your question, but may can offer you 
a "quick and dirty" solution...
If the binding address always the same, you can make a local nat rule, 
to redirect traffic from outside to internal (storage) IP...

If you do that, you may need to enable traffic in a FORWARD chain too 
(i'm not completly sure about that, (around 99 % :) ) but I think when 
you get a match on PREROUTING chain, your packet will routed to FORWARD, 
and not to INPUT, and thats why you need to accept the traffic in 
FORWARD chain)


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