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From Yiping Zhang <>
Subject Re: how to configure multi-homed management server?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2015 21:10:49 GMT

Now my mgr¹s eth0 is configured with IP address on the lab network, the
hostname is set to the name of lab network IP. However, after I run
cloudstack-setup-databases and cloudstack-setup-management scripts, I
still find the wrong IP address in global setting param "hosts", and wrong
value for param ³².

It looks like that running cloudstack-setup-management script (with
immediate start of cloudstack-management service) populates DB tables.  So
my question comes down to how does cloudstack-management service
determine these configuration values ?



On 2/11/15, 8:21 PM, "Praveen B" <> wrote:

>Hi Zhang,
>"host" parameter in the global settings will decide system VMs to
>communicate to MGMT ip address on port 8250. Since you have two IP
>addresses on management server, CloudStack has picked up your corporate
>network IP address.
>As a fix, change the "host" parameter to your lab network IP address and
>destroy system VMs. New system VMs will point to correct mgmt IP. Let me
>know how it goes.
>On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 5:39 AM, Yiping Zhang <> wrote:
>> Hi, all:
>> My  CS management server has two IP addresses: one IP address on our
>> corporate network (for general access) and one IP address on lab
>>network ,
>> which is used at CloudStack¹s management network.
>> When I run cloudstack-setup-database script, I have given ³‹mshost²
>> with its IP address on lab network.  However,  when CPVM comes up, the
>> cloud service is not running . Looking at /var/log/cloud.log file on
>> indicates that it is trying to connect to port 8250 of management
>> IP address on corporate network instead of the IP address on lab
>> On SSVM, its cloud service also tries to connect to port 8250 of the
>> MS IP address
>> How does systemVMs decide which IP address on the management server to
>> when starting cloud service ?  How do I make systemVM¹s to use proper
>> interface on management server ?
>> Thanks
>> Yiping

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