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From Somesh Naidu <>
Subject RE: Network QoS (not bandwidth limiting)
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2015 21:58:26 GMT

Rant or not, I believe you have raised a valid point and reflect certain group of peoples

Based on your requirement, I believe you are looking for something like Vyatta. 


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From: Adrian Lewis [] 
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 8:50 PM
Subject: RE: Network QoS (not bandwidth limiting)

Tempted to suggest some sort of special interest group where networking
people can have some input into the dev process despite not necessarily
being able to produce any code themselves. As an example, Schuberg Philis
have recently done some great work on the redundant VPC VR but to a
network person, this sort of functionality is almost taken for granted
(please don't take this as a lack of appreciation). Similarly, the lack of
end-to-end QoS for applications running on ACS seems to me at least to be
a fairly significant oversight. ACS is known as having very flexible
networking compared with some of the alternatives but there does still
appear to be an enterprise focus on most elements that a 'typical'
developer (dare I say it, web developer) faces but more of a home network
approach to the networking side (aside from some pretty impressive niche

We shouldn't need to rely on proprietary 3rd party products to provide a
similar level of versatility for networking in ACS in my opinion. It seems
bizarre to me that we have load balancing, distributed routing & ACLs with
the OVS controller, PVLANs for isolation,  etc, but yet still don't have
what I would consider basic functions such as better control over NAT,
firewalling, routing (no dynamic routing protocols at all), IPsec, having
to specify IP related attributes to what should simply be L2 constructs
(why does a VPC need to be given a CIDR?!?) etc. AWS had a similar issue
that lead to the VPC being introduced - enterprises consistently rejected
the weird and illogical way that they did networking back in the day that
was overly focussed on web/cloudy workloads.

This sounds like a rant and to an extent it is but I'd like to turn it
into a positive. I feel fairly helpless when the typical response to
feedback like this is that I should just contribute code. There are a
number of people that embrace the concept that the community should be a
collective of not just developers, but at the same time it's pretty
difficult to feel part of a community that's run almost uniquely by
developers; it's even a bit intimidating at times. I've seen too many
commercial companies that abandon innovation in favour of satisfying the
'large account' RFC/RFPs and in my opinion the same may apply to a project
driven largely by the needs of those that can contribute code.

To flip the concept on its head, it would be like a network guy creating
an amazing cloud orchestration platform but where you can only run centos
6 with a LAMP stack - yes this might work for a lot of people (and it
would likely only be adopted by those people) but for those that just want
to do something a bit different, it would be a fairly frustrating

Am I simply being a spoilt kid here or is there room for input that might
be constructive? Is there anyone here on the list with a networking focus
that can corroborate these concerns?


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From: Somesh Naidu []
Sent: 20 February 2015 18:31
Subject: RE: Network QoS (not bandwidth limiting)

I don't think we can. QoS in CS is mostly throttling traffic on the
virtual interface.


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Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 5:18 AM
Subject: Network QoS (not bandwidth limiting)

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it's possible to do network QoS in Cloudstack?  I
don't mean bandwidth limiting, but rather, prioritising different traffic
types for voice, etc.

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