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From Jörg Brause <>
Subject Re: Cloudstack using without virtual Router
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 22:51:24 GMT

actually we have on our Ovirt Machines 2 Network interfaces, 1 for
Management network an 1 for the guest systems.

If we deploy a new Machine they become automatic a new
DHCP address from the Cisco router (between and /24).

After installation from our OS we change it manually to an other IP.
(e.g. Public for Company - /24, or Internal
for team - /24)

The IPs are in the same VLAN and IP range.  In front of the router a
firewall manage the access for the company.
A full automatic configuration from the Virtual router is not possible.
The address, that we should use for the company-wide access, are defined
by an other team.

Kind Regards,

Am 05.02.2015 um 07:46 schrieb ilya musayev:
> CloudStack has a concept of network offering, which is what router VMs
> will use as its "template" or the type of services you would want your
> router vm to have.
> Keep in mind, router vm does not have to do the routing, its just one
> of many features.
> In your case, you will have to choose either Basic Shared Network Zone
> or Advanced Shared Network Zone (if you have multiple VLANs). This
> setup is mostly used for private clouds who have internal
> infrastructure well established. Unless you are planning to be public
> cloud provider, shared network zone is easiest to use.
> In this case, CloudStack will still deploy routervm, but it will only
> do fraction of the services. At the minimal you need to have DHCP
> service and Metadata. Thats all cloudstack will provide for your guest
> VMs. Other than those 2 services, it does not do anything else...
> You can then use your physical networks, router, switches, firewalls,
> etc..
> If you can tell us more about what service you are looking to provide,
> we can help with the type of setup you need.
> On 2/4/15 3:30 PM, Joerg Brause wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> actually we use “Ovirt” and evaluate cloudstack as alternative for our
>> production.
>> The cloudstack Server shall be installed in the same network as our real
>> hardware Servers.
>> Our completely network ismanaged byCisco router and switches. We need to
>> know, if it is possible to installthe cloudstack without the Virtual
>> router and with only one Network or maximum2 networks, we haven't found
>> a option/ installation possibility for that. The servers areinstalled in
>> separated buildings. moreover, we would prefer, that the vm network from
>> the central cisco router receives its IP adresses. Currently we put 3 IP
>> adress ranges (Admin, Live External and Live Internal) to a run on the
>> Ovirt / cloudstack servers.
>> Best regards,
>> Joerg

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