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From ilya musayev <>
Subject Re: Cloudstack using without virtual Router
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 06:46:05 GMT
CloudStack has a concept of network offering, which is what router VMs 
will use as its "template" or the type of services you would want your 
router vm to have.

Keep in mind, router vm does not have to do the routing, its just one of 
many features.

In your case, you will have to choose either Basic Shared Network Zone 
or Advanced Shared Network Zone (if you have multiple VLANs). This setup 
is mostly used for private clouds who have internal infrastructure well 
established. Unless you are planning to be public cloud provider, shared 
network zone is easiest to use.

In this case, CloudStack will still deploy routervm, but it will only do 
fraction of the services. At the minimal you need to have DHCP service 
and Metadata. Thats all cloudstack will provide for your guest VMs. 
Other than those 2 services, it does not do anything else...

You can then use your physical networks, router, switches, firewalls, etc..

If you can tell us more about what service you are looking to provide, 
we can help with the type of setup you need.

On 2/4/15 3:30 PM, Joerg Brause wrote:
> Hi there,
> actually we use “Ovirt” and evaluate cloudstack as alternative for our
> production.
> The cloudstack Server shall be installed in the same network as our real
> hardware Servers.
> Our completely network ismanaged byCisco router and switches. We need to
> know, if it is possible to installthe cloudstack without the Virtual
> router and with only one Network or maximum2 networks, we haven't found
> a option/ installation possibility for that. The servers areinstalled in
> separated buildings. moreover, we would prefer, that the vm network from
> the central cisco router receives its IP adresses. Currently we put 3 IP
> adress ranges (Admin, Live External and Live Internal) to a run on the
> Ovirt / cloudstack servers.
> Best regards,
> Joerg

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