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From Stephan Seitz <>
Subject acs 4.4.2 / wrong gateway in VirtualRouter
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 11:32:47 GMT
Hi all,

In an advanced zone, I've configured the following IP range for the
"system" "public" Label on VLAN Id 62.

Gateway     | Netmask         | VLAN      | Start-IP     | End-IP | | vlan://62 | | 

Additionally, I've added "Guest", "shared" Network:

Name     | Type   | VLAN ID | brodcast URI | IPv4 CIDR       
sharedv4 | Shared | 62      | vlan://62    |

Both /26 Networks are equipped with a gateway at for the
"system" and for the "guest" one.
Even if they're separated on L3, they indeed are on the same VLAN Id.

My Problem is: Most times a new "isolated" network spawns its new
VirtualRouter, the router's public IPv4 is located in the "sharedv4"
network, the gateway instead is configured to the "system" one.

That's the /proc/cmdline of a virtualrouter:

root=UUID=4cf8fced-9de4-47bd-834d-f14e2ddb36e2 ro debian-installer=en_US
quiet -- quiet console=hvc0%template=domP%name=r-1376-VM%

For better reading:
eth2ip   =
eth2mask =
gateway  =

That gateway can't be reached from within

(All IP's are real public IP's I've just redacted the prefix to look
like RFC1918.)

Could someone please shed some light?

Maybe I did something wrong by separating the networks, but sharing them
on the same VLAN?

Hosts are XenServer 6.2.


- Stephan

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