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From Chris <>
Subject Bridging not working properly
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 08:49:00 GMT

I'm having issues getting the internal network to work propperly. This 
are my interfaces (hyp1):

IP address for bond0: (management & storage)
IP address for cloudbr0: xxx.xx.61.3 (public)
IP address for virbr0:
IP address for cloud0:

Storage, hypervisors etc is all up, but ssvm en cpvm are having issues. 
The problem is that they can't connect to the lan. When I 
check "brctl show" there is no bridge to bond0.

I've set the traffic labels to bond0 for storage and management but this 
seams to be ignored...

Does anyone know how the bridges are managed / can be modified?

Thanks in advance!


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