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From Matthew Midgett <>
Subject RE: Vlan issue with ACS 4.4 and XenServer 6.2
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 20:13:06 GMT
Does anyone else have an idea?

On Jan 6, 2015, 10:12 PM, at 10:12 PM, Matthew Midgett <>
>It is there because I can disable the zone, delete the VM and network.
>Use XenCenter to add a vlan of 501. Manually install 2 VM's on
>different hypervisors and ping both VM and the GW that on the router.
>This config tells me that 501 is configured correctly. The switch ports
>for the vlan 501 network are trunked. When ACS creates the vlan 501
>from the network config it doesn’t work correctly. When the VM and VR
>are on the same host it works just fine. When there not the Vlan isn 't
>working. It's strange. I can ping the GW from both VM's but can't ping
>the VM on the other hypervisor or the VR. If I migrate all the VM's and
>VR to the same hypervisor it works as expected.
>The vlan 501 on the router holds the GW address so if it wan't there I
>would 't be able to ping it.
>I have tried everything from new networking services to vlan's trunking
>and not trunking and just switchport with vlan. It doen't want to work.
>The vlan500 how ever is the console router and SSVM. I think that it
>works as expected but I havn't ssh into them to try. They are doing
>their job and I can have an public ip console and ssvm is downloading
>templates and moving VM templates from Sec storage to primary.
>Any more ideas?
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>From: Ahmad Emneina [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2015 9:11 PM
>Subject: Re: Vlan issue with ACS 4.4 and XenServer 6.2
>Hey Matt, it sounds like you have a vlan trunking issue. Check the
>switch port configuration for the port(s) yout hypervisors are
>connected to, ensure that vlan is present.
>On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 5:43 PM, Matthew Midgett <
>> wrote:
>> In my test deployment I have 2 hypervisors with XenServer 6.2 
>> installed. I am creating a private network with public Ips, so that 
>> the VR is only used to hand out IPs and meta data. The vlan is 501, 
>> and it has a range of What happens is that when I 
>> create new VM's and they spawn on the server with the VR cloud-init 
>> works and it gets the password and the server is good. When is spawns
>> on the other hypervisor it can't connect to the VR and because of
>> it doesn't get its meta data. What I do is quickly move the VR to the
>> other hypervisor, this allows it to get the meta data so I can login.
>> Once this is done I can login and ping the gateway for vlan 501 but 
>> can't ping the other VM or the VR if it's not on the same hypervisor.
>> I know my trunks and vlans are correct and the interfaces that's
>> assigned. To test this I shutdown the zone and deleted the network.
>> Then I removed Vlan501 from the XenServer's and created it manually
>> the exact same nic as it was before. Then I added a ISO repo and 
>> manually installed 2 vms manually assigning the public ip's. It works
>> as expected, I can ping the gateway and the other VM on the other 
>> hypervisor. This was to prove my vlan config.
>> What do I do?

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