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From Lee Webb <>
Subject Cannot create a Scoped Guest Network
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 12:29:08 GMT
Hi List!

I've got a 4.4.1 CS system up & running however I'm having issues creating a Guest Network
which is scoped to a particular domain or account.

The overall intent is to create a Network for an Account which will allow it to connect to
physical devices within a certain VLAN - in my case a hosted NAS.

Within the Networks tab I can create my Guest Network specifying the VLAN, IP, Range etc.
without a problem provided that I leave the scoping to ALL.

If I try to do the same withe scoping set to anything lower the UI just sends me back to the
network tab without saying that anything was incorrect.

There's also no evidence of stack traces in the management logging either, it just silently

The documentation seems to suggest that scoping the Network is possible - or should I be trying
to do the same with an Isolated Network?

Regards, Lee
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