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From Motty Cruz <>
Subject Re: ACS 4.4.1 network.throttling.rate - Advance Zone- XenServer 6.2
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 20:16:11 GMT
hi ilya,

I configured "Global Setting"  set "0" to network.throttling.rate, 
rebuild the VR reboot the machines but network rate still under 20MB. I 
did restarted the management server as well.

I don't know what else to try!


On 12/18/2014 11:18 AM, ilya musayev wrote:
> What i mentioned, confirmed to work on 4.3.1 with VmWare, i havent 
> tried on Xen, if that does not help, its probably a bug in 4.4.1 and 
> should be filled in JIRA.
> On 12/18/14, 11:15 AM, ilya musayev wrote:
>> There is a global setting in cloudstack named 
>> "network.throttling.rate" which is set to default 200mb.
>> We should file RFE to alter this value to "0" or no throttling at all 
>> instead of default 200.
>> To address your issues:
>> You can change the value and restart. In order for this setting to 
>> take effect, you may have to either
>> migrate VMs to this vswitch/portgroup
>> stop and start VM which will recreate and bind vms to new portgroup 
>> with no throttling
>> update the portgroup with 200 limit to 0, whenever the VM on this 
>> portgroup stops and start it will migrate to new portgroup with no 
>> throttle.
>> Regards
>> ilya
>> On 12/18/14, 7:38 AM, Motty Cruz wrote:
>>> Hi Peter,
>>> We do not set QoS limitation on the interface, I made sure there are 
>>> not setup by default. it's dragging me crazy this issue.
>>> -Motty
>>> On 12/16/2014 03:48 PM, Erdősi Péter wrote:
>>>> 2014.12.17. 0:38 keltezéssel, Motty Cruz írta:
>>>>> I'm still having issues with network throughput, it does not go 
>>>>> over 200MB. am I doing something wrong? I rebuilt VR, reboot VMs 
>>>>> but does not seem to change throughput. I remember having this 
>>>>> issue in KVM cluster but was able to fix it. current cluster is 
>>>>> XenServer 6.2 all updates installed. 
>>>> If you open the XenCenter, and check the interface, do you see QoS 
>>>> limitation on it?
>>>> What happend, if you switch it off on a running vm (and restart 
>>>> networking on a VM itself, cause may be loose the nic for a moment)
>>>> Regards:
>>>>  Peter

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