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From Martin Emrich <>
Subject Re: GRE isolated network: wrong interface?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 08:17:02 GMT

Apparently I have solved at least this problem... I ripped apart my 
cloud and reconfigured cloudstack twice now, and it still works. Lacking 
a better explaination, I can only assume human error (typo, missed step).

I still have other issues with GRE, but i'll open a fresh thread for that.

FWIW: sdn.ovs.controller.default.label really has to be set to the 
traffic label (name-label in Xen speak), not the dom0 bridge name)..



Am 05.11.2014 08:26, schrieb Martin Emrich:
> Hi!
> Am 05.11.2014 05:20, schrieb Sanjeev Neelarapu:
>> Hi,
>> Are you using the proper traffic labels for all the traffic types in
>> the physical network?
>> Since you have multiple PIFs on XenServer you must specify traffic
>> labels on zone's physical network for different
>> traffics(guest,management,public and storage) to go through the
>> intended PIFs on XenServer.
>> Please refer to CS admin guides on setting traffic labels.
> Yes, I named the physical network in the Advanced Network assistant
> "GUEST" (Both in the field next to the VLAN/GRE dropdown field and in
> the dialog that opens when I click on the round "Guest network" bumper).
> I also named the network on XenServer "GUEST" and the interface under IP
> Address Configuration "GUEST".
> So full points for hospitality, as there's GUEST everywhere.
> After configuration I see "XenServer Traffic Label" set to "GUEST" under
> Zones/My Zone/Physical Network/GUEST/Configure
> My last idea is to use the dom0 network interface name ("xapi1" here)
> instead of "GUEST" for sdn.ovs.controller.default.label...
> Ciao
> Martin

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