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From Geoff Higginbottom <>
Subject RE: [ACS43][MGMT Server][Load Balancing]
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2014 08:43:01 GMT
Hi Benoit

When running more than one CloudStack Management Server you need to put a load balancer in
front of them.  This load balancer (or ideally pair of HA load balancers) need to manage the
following ports

8250 - This is the port the System VMs use when communicating with the management servers,
and they use the address specified in the 'host' global settings.

8080 - Access to the Web UI

8096 (or a port of your choosing) - Optional - only required is you are using the unauthenticated
API port

You can look in the 'cloud.hosts' table in the DB and check out the 'status' and 'mgmt_server_id'
columns, the latter is the ID of the management server which is responsible for managing the
System VM or Hypervisor.

One last point, you need to ensure you have set global settings to true to
enable the load balancing of System VMs and Hypervisors across multiple Management Servers.


Geoff Higginbottom

D: +44 20 3603 0542 | S: +44 20 3603 0540 | M: +447968161581

-----Original Message-----
From: benoit lair []
Sent: 23 October 2014 08:49
Subject: Re: [ACS43][MGMT Server][Load Balancing]

Any advice ? Any feedback ? Does somebody already did that ?

Thanks for your responses.

2014-10-13 10:51 GMT+02:00 benoit lair <>:

> Hello,
> Is there somebody already accomplished some load balancing on the
> management app server ?
> Thanks for your responses.
> Regards.
> 2014-10-09 16:24 GMT+02:00 benoit lair <>:
>> Here are the logs entries i have in the other mgmt node :
>> DEBUG [c.c.a.m.ClusteredAgentManagerImpl]
>> (AgentManager-Handler-8:null) Seq 1-289341441: MgmtId
>> 104425904713066: Resp: Routing to peer
>> 2014-10-09 16:21 GMT+02:00 benoit lair <>:
>>> What i was thinking of..
>>> Here are the logs entries in one of my mgmt server :
>>> 2014-10-09 15:47:27,451 ERROR [c.c.c.ClusterManagerImpl]
>>> (Cluster-Heartbeat-1:cx-71073990) We have detected that at least one
>>> management server peer reports tat this management server is down,
>>> perform active fencing to avoid split-brain ituation
>>> So this one has been shutdown. How to recover my 2 mgmt nodes in
>>> normal state ?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Regards, Benoit
>>> 2014-10-09 16:20 GMT+02:00 benoit lair <>:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I would like to do some load balancing on the mgmt server, i would
>>>> like to know if i am on the good way :
>>>> I installed Two management servers.
>>>> The first with the "deploy-as" in the command
>>>> cloudstack-setup-databases with the netscalerlbip as the management
>>>> server
>>>> :
>>>> cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:password@
>>>> --deploy-as=root:mypassroot -e file -m mypassphrase -k mypassphrase
>>>> -i netscalerlbip
>>>> The second node was deployed with
>>>> cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:password@ -e file -m
>>>> mypassphrase -k mypassphrase -i netscalerlbip
>>>> So my netscaler is doing load balancing on the 2 nodes availables
>>>> accross netscalerlbip.
>>>> I have confgured the "host" global parameter with the netscalerlbip
>>>> as ip and restarted the 2 mgmt servers.
>>>> How to be sure that my mgmts servers are working correctly ? Am i
>>>> sure not to have split brain ?
>>>> Thanks for your responses.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Benoit
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