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From Garith Dugmore <>
Subject HA issue and Xen resets
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 14:53:50 GMT
Hi All,

I'm new to cloudstack and busy testing out ACS 4.3.1 on Centos 6.4 using Xenserver 6.2. I
have the management server setup and have 2 xen servers that I'm testing out at the moment;
specifically the HA functionality.

After getting an instance up and running I yanked the network cable out of the one xen server
and awaited the HA awesomeness to kick in. Both hosts still remained in "Up" state even though
the one was no longer pingable and the instance that was hosted on that xen host still showed
"Running" even though I also couldn't ping it. After some reading one suggestion was setting
'alert.wait' to 30 and restarting cloudstack-management. After that didn't seem to do anything
after waiting a while I rebooted the management server all together and found that both hosts
were marked as disconnected.

I've tried going in and out of maintenance mode and ended up deleting the one xen host that
was still reachable thinking I could just re-add it but I received an error in doing so. I
have read somewhere that once you've either reinstalled the management server or removed a
xen host you need to re-install the xen host. Is this true? I was hoping for a factory reset
command of some sort.

Besides my obvious HA problems and host disconnect issues which I'd love some pointers on
are there any pointers on Xen server resets?

Note I have attempted a 4.4.0 install on centos and after a couple issues that I can no longer
recall I ended up with a way easier install on 4.3.1 which is why I've stuck with it for now.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Willing to try anything!

Garith Dugmore 
South African Astronomical Observatory 
and Southern African Large Telescope 

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