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From Corban Raun <>
Subject Assigning Public Ip VMWARE
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:36:01 GMT

I’m trying to set up cloudstack where I can assign public Ip’s directly to the VM’s
vs using Nat. 

I’m using the Advanced System Networking 

I have 3 different Nics 

Nic1 = Management (no vlan)
Nic2 = Public Ip’s (no vlan)
Nic4 = Guest (vlan 100)

Issue 1.
I can get all the system VM’s running with internet access. However when I spin up a new
VM, there seems to be a problem with NAT to the Virtual router. I can ping the Virtual router
private IP, but am unable to access the internet. 

Question 1: 
Am I able to just forget about the virtual routing and nat, and just assign my public Ip’s
directly to vm’s?
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