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From Erdősi Péter <>
Subject Re: XenServer : VLAN logic at CS 4.4
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:42:48 GMT
2014.09.30. 9:30 keltezéssel, Vadim Kimlaychuk írta:
> But where do I tell CS what is my public interface?
If you click here:

You can see the blue, red, green and yellow circles..
If you click on in, you can write in the physical name (it must be same 
with Xenserver names ofc...)

For example:
I have 2*4 nic on my setup, where 3-3 are bonded, 1-1 userd for 
(presetup) iSCSI
The 3 bonded nic (called management, public, guest by xenserver) was 
written in a blue, yellow and green boxes.
If you using vlan separation for guest traffic, don't forget to add a 
range on a switch (you can write in your range later)


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