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From Kirk Kosinski <>
Subject Re: Does management server have to be able mount NSF Share on a storage network?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:16:29 GMT
Hi, I'm not aware of a requirement for the management server to access
the secondary storage share when using XenServer.  However, the
XenServer hosts (and also VMware and KVM) definitely do need to mount
the secondary storage share.  You may need to add static routes in your
network or otherwise make sure the XenServer hosts can reach the NFS
server and mount the share.

Best regards,

On 09/26/2014 06:21 AM, Sam Ceylani wrote:
> Hi Kirk,
> Thank you for your answer.We are using Citrix Xenserver 6.2 and for storage server Freenas
9 with ZFS. I have been reading past emails on the list about setting up storage network and
they are talking about creating a static route on their switches between management and storage
networks and this seems to be a requirement. So I guess this is for management server to access
to secondary storage, I personally tested twice (without this static route on the switch,
I didn't know this info back then) and CS 4.3 (I am using CS 4.4 now) was not able to start
SSVM or Console Proxy servers and I decided to just use management network to access secondary
storage and it works out of the box. So question is beside this requirement of initial install
of system VM from management server via systemvm download script (I mounted secondary on management
server and run this script, some people suggests using it from the nfs nas server with -t
template option to not to mount nfs on on management serve
), do we have to use a static route on our switches between management and storage network
for secondary shares? this information is not in documentation and documentation has very
conflicting information about pinging networks and some requirement of pings needs to fail
etc. If you can explain this I would really appreciate it...Thanks again, Sam
> Thanks,
> Sam Ceylani, MBA
> Computer Engineer
> MisterCertified Inc.
> 301 W. Platt St. Suite 447, Tampa, FL 33606<x-apple-data-detectors://0/0>
> P 813<tel:813.264.6460>.264.6460<tel:813.264.6460> M 813<tel:813.416.7867>.416.7867<tel:813.416.7867>
> F 800<tel:800.553.9520>.553.9520<tel:800.553.9520> E<>
> On Sep 26, 2014, at 6:18 AM, "Kirk Kosinski" <<>>
> Hi, Sam.  Besides during (default) installation, the management server
> only needs to access the secondary storage NFS share if you are using
> vSphere since the management server propagates the systemvm.iso for
> VMware hosts.  If you're using vSphere, just make sure the management
> server can reach the NFS server and mount the share.  It doesn't need to
> be on the same network as the NFS server.  Template uploading and
> downloading is handled by the SSVM and not the management server.
> Best regards,
> Kirk
> On 09/25/2014 10:32 AM, Sam Ceylani wrote:
> There is no documentation on requirements for separate storage network and management
server setup of
> this network (for secondary storage). Normally management network is used for secondary
storage but if we
> create a separate storage network for secondary, do we have to add this new network to
management server also?
> make it accessible from it?
> There is some information on the internet about the requirement of not being able to
ping this storage
> network from management network and can somebody can explain this little further?
> If we have a separate storage network, does it have to be accessible from management
server, since
> It does uploading and downloading templates through the web interface, Ty Sam

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