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From Piers <>
Subject Re: Advanced Networking with limited IP Addresses
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2014 22:18:12 GMT
On 06/09/14 22:47, Geoff Higginbottom wrote:
> Piers,
> I'm guessing you've been creating a Basic Networking Zone as the default wizard sends
you in that direction.

Yep - right up until the most recent set up.
> If you have limited public IPs, and also want to leverage the full power of CloudStack
you should create an Advanced network zone.  This will give you private guest networks with
a Virtual Router.  Guest VMs will have private IPs and the VR will have a Public IP.

This is what I treid to do - what name should I give to the virtual 
networks? Do they have to exist already or will cloudstack create them?

> If you need some VMs to have a Public IP directly assigned you can also create a Shared
Network and allocate it a Public IP Range.

That is the plan thanks.

> There are some great blog articles on which will help you understand
the options etc.

I have had a look but couldn't see a specific how-to but will note the 
site for future reference.

Thank you


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