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From Mārtiņš Jakubovičs <>
Subject Re: Live migration
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 12:33:24 GMT

Looks like migration fails in this scenario:

1.) New internal network, I will call it - NET1
2.) When perform migration to host without running instance with NET1,
live migration fails.

Also, when cloudstack create instance in other host (to which live
migration fails), after that I can live migrate successfully, without

And again, if I live migrate all instances to one host, I can't migrate
back if there in no running instance with NET1 network.

Sometimes again, VM's fail to launch, problem same, as described here:

Migration error:
Grep job id from management log:

Shared networks in Advanced zone looks like not working as I expected,
because in network creation I should put VLAN ID.

On 2014.09.04. 20:56, Mārtiņš Jakubovičs wrote:
> Hello  Geoff,
> Thanks for clarification. I have XenServer 6.2 pool, with all patches. I
> can send tomorrow both error logs when I use GRE and when I use VLAN
> guest network and live migration fails...
> I have 4 nic's, 2 nic's are bonded and are used for management and
> storage. 1 public nic (internet). 1 internal nic, for GRE tunnels or as
> secondary shared network for internal use.
> Can you, please, point me in a way how I can create Advanced networking
> with two shared networks? Should I use two Guest networks without Public
> network?
> Thanks.
> On 2014.09.04. 20:08, Geoff Higginbottom wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> ACS 4.3 Advanced Zone Live Migration certainly does work, both within
>> the same Pool (using shared storage) , and across Pools / Shared
>> Storage (assume you are using XenServer as you mention Pool)  Live
>> migration also works across any VMware Host or KVM Host within a Zone,
>> as long as you have configured Zone wide Primary Storage.
>> Basic Zone only allows you to have the one Guest Network, but if your
>> end goal is to have each VM with a NIC on an Internal Network, and a
>> NIC on a Public Network this can easily be achieved with Advanced
>> Networking, using Shared Networks.
>> Advanced Zones with Security Groups do work, what Hypervisor were you
>> using for this.
>> Regards
>> Geoff Higginbottom
>> D: +44 20 3603 0542 | S: +44 20 3603 0540 | M: +447968161581
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>> From: Mārtiņš Jakubovičs []
>> Sent: 04 September 2014 15:32
>> To:
>> Subject: Live migration
>> Hello all,
>> In ACS 4.3 with advanced zone, live migration works? I tested guest
>> network with VLAN and GRE, but in both cases pool based live migration
>> fails.
>> Is it possible to setup something like basic zone setup, but with two
>> networks? I want instances with two interfaces, one with public nic,
>> other with internal nic. I tryed to create advanced zone with security
>> groups, but it fails.
>> Thanks.
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