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From Francois Gaudreault <>
Subject Re: Netscaler & VPC and multiple inter tiers LB
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 11:35:45 GMT
Hi Benoit,

The limitations that you describes are exactly what the implementation 
is. Dedicated VPX per VPC, only public LB for one tier. However, there 
is a reasoning behind this. Since users can control their tier subnets, 
you may have overlapping. That's why you can't have a shared NetScaler 
for the VPCs.

You can't do inter-tier load balancing using the NetScaler if you have 
it inside CloudStack. To be honest, we also feel this is a huge problem, 
and we will likely look at our options. You need to use the Internal LB 
for that piece.

Hope it helps/confirms your thoughts :)


On 2014-09-05, 6:03 AM, benoit lair wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I'm testing Netscaler VPX with acs 4.3. I have several VPCs deployed into
> my cloud.
> I would like to get my netscaler working with my vpcs.
> So from what i have tested, it seems that :
> - i can't share a VPX with more than one VPC ?
> - in order to get my netscaler working with my vpc, i need to declare it
> "dedicated". So it can't be used both with vpc tiers and isolated networks ?
> - i can use netscaler with a vpc only with "public" tier (means external
> tier)
> Can you confirm these limitations, or is it due to a misconfiguration of my
> own networks offerings ?
> So another question is :
> How can i achieve ns-lb with several tiers in a vpc ?
> I have a vpc with web-tier, app-tier and sql-tier :
> how can i have in the same time, nslb between outside and web-tier, nslb
> between web-tier and app-tier and nslb between app-tier and sql-tier,
> having only one VPX ?
> Thanks four your lights.
> Regards, Benoit.

Francois Gaudreault
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