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From Adrian Lewis <>
Subject RE: DRaaS based on ACS
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 14:34:18 GMT
Hi Ilya,

No - I'm referring to DRaaS - nothing to do with DR for ACS itself. The
Double-Take CP&R is software we can install within the Cloudstack
environment to offer DR and replication services to clients that are not
running ACS. Just wondering if anyone else had other options that they've

Thanks for the reply anyway.


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From: ilya musayev []
Sent: 10 September 2014 14:56
Subject: Re: DRaaS based on ACS


If i understand the task correctly, you are trying to have replica sets
across datacenters with ACS functional.

I can think of a solution that does not require heavy investment.

1) you replicate the VM disk content across to datacenter X
2) you replicate db content from cloudstack, you can just fetch the content
from ACS via APIs and re-load the content into secondary ACS.

Alena from Citrix explained how she did it @ CCNA14 in Denver.

3) needless to say, you IP between datacenters will change, so VMs should
know how to handle that change


On 9/10/14, 7:10 AM, Adrian Lewis wrote:
> Hi All,
> We’re currently looking into the possibility of creating a DR as a
> service offering for our customers based on ACS. I’m assuming that
> trying to create a fully open source solution is not feasible and am
> looking to evaluate Vision Solutions’ Double-Take Cloud Protection and
> Recovery product. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any other solutions
> that would work nicely with ACS (i.e. client self-service, handling
> the import of a VM into ACS, WAN ‘optimised’ communications etc).
>  From what I can tell, the main problem with most commercial solutions
> is that they assume that they have direct control of the hypervisors,
> bypassing ACS completely, and as such would result in creating a VM
> that ACS would then not be able to see or therefore manage. They also
> seem to assume that there’s a private network between the source and
> target systems which can be an issue with multi-tenancy and
> overlapping IPs between tenants. I’m initially looking for Xenserver
> support as well which seems to be the ugly duckling when it comes to
> backup and replication – most of the commercial solutions concentrate on
> VMware and then Hyper-V.
> Does anyone have any experience with either the Double-Take or any
> other solutions that they’d care to share? Anyone know of any
> yet-to-be-released solutions that might fit the bill?
> Many thanks,
> Adrian

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