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From Carlos ReƔtegui <>
Subject Re: Import instances from previous deployment
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2014 02:57:09 GMT

On Aug 11, 2014, at 6:23 PM, Nitin Mehta <> wrote:

> This is superb Carlos.
thank you
> So you created dummy vms to create records in CS db
> and then changed the volume path to reflect the old vhds.

> Yes, I think it should be fine to delete the dummy vids created with the
> new instance.
Thanks for the confirmation.  I was concerned that there is a uuid in the volume table and
I was not sure how or if that was used in the system.
> Thanks,
> -Nitin
> On 11/08/14 5:49 PM, "Carlos Reategui" <> wrote:
>> Hi Nitin,
>> I created a new primary store share in NFS for the new deployment and
>> removed the old one from exports.  The XS hosts where re-used and
>> installed
>> fresh so nothing was using the old primary store.  The new CS deployment
>> only knows about the new primary store.
>> I used 'vhd-util scan -f -p -v -m old/path/*.vhd' to check the chain of
>> vhd
>> and copied over all the ones I needed from the old path to the new path.
>> I
>> got the old paths from by db backup.
>> Yes I changed the path in the volumes table to point to the 'old' vhd
>> file.
>> I stopped the instances from CS before editing the db. When I started
>> them my old instances were back.
>> It was only 10 instances.... any more and I probably would have scripted
>> it.
>> The vhd files that were created with the new instances are still there on
>> the primary store and I am guessing I should be ok to delete them.
>> Thanks,
>> Carlos
>> PS. I did run into a problem with the primary store scan/cleanup process
>> the first time I tried where it cleaned up the parent of one of the child
>> vhd before I had a chance to copy the child over.  I stopped management
>> server and included all the files in the same copy command which seemed to
>> get me past that.
>> On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Nitin Mehta <>
>> wrote:
>>> Carlos - This looks fine to me. Have a couple of questions though
>>> So you reintroduced the old storage pool back on the new MS instance -
>>> make sure the old instances are shutdown and do not access the same
>>> storage else they can corrupt the volumes ?
>>> Did you mean that you changed the path in the volumes table ?
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Nitin
>>> On 11/08/14 11:56 AM, "Carlos Reategui" <> wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> Follow-up on my recovery process.  After failing to upgrade to 4.4 I
>>> did a
>>>> fresh install and decided to go ahead and also do fresh installs of
>>>> XenServer to upgrade those to XS6.2.
>>>> Instead of importing each of the vhd from all my instances as templates
>>>> and
>>>> creating instances from those, I created new instances matching the the
>>>> previous ones and then edited the volumes table with the vhd of the
>>>> original instance from the previous deployment (had to make sure to
>>>> include
>>>> parent vhd).  My volumes were all on shared NFS storage.
>>>> Things appear to be working ok, but want to check if any of you foresee
>>>> any
>>>> issues with the method I followed.
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Carlos

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