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From Ivan Rodriguez <>
Subject KVM cloudstack createnewvm
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 01:14:54 GMT
Hi there,

One of our templates in secondary storage needs some minor changes,
I was able to track down the path from the secondary storage getting the
reference from
vm_template (unique_name)

Then look for the template id on the properties

 find . -name "*.properties" -exec grep -il
"2d1f46882-755a-3239-a9b8-019eca89e86b" {} \;

I believe I have the right qcow2 image when I open it up with guestfish
I can see that is actually my template so I do my changes save the image
then provision a new vm from that template and my changues are not there so
I'm wondering if cloudstack is copying the template from secondary storage
into primary storage for fast provisioning.

Later on I bump into the script which is basically using
qemu-img to create the new root disk I've been checking this process and I
can't figure out who is actually provisioning the new root disk.

I don't think is the secondary storage since it doesn't look like its
mounting primary storage, and also on the compute hypervisor side
it doesn't look like its mounting the secondary storage to copy the

Any advise will be really appreciate it.

Also is there a place where internal process for cloudstack are explained ?
or you gotta jump in the source code and try to figure it out ?

Pd. I know I can destroy the template and upload it again with the changes
but it would be nice if I can understand the cloudstack process.

Thanks in advance

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