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From Piers <>
Subject Re: 404 Web Interface Not Showing -- 404 or blank screen
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 09:03:47 GMT
Sorry for replying to myself.

There has to be something wrong here.

I keep getting white screens & 404's.

I am almost at the stage of putting the entire docs into a batch script 
to reinstall.

I have wiped the DB, yum remove'd, rm -fR /etc/cloudstack

 From a "clean" install I get a white screen

Is there something I am not purging to get a clean system? I am not a 
big user of Tomcat - do I need to rest the server in some way?

Is the install messing with eth0 -> cloudbr0 which means that subsequent 
installs fail?

Other errors / points

yum install cloudstack-*

Unable to determine ssl settings for server.xml, please run 
cloudstack-setup-management manually <---- is this a worry?
Unable to determine ssl settings for tomcat.conf, please run 
cloudstack-setup-management manually

cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:password@localhost 

Detected local IP address as, will use as cluster management 
server node IP[ OK ] <--- I dont use this IP where did it come from

Thanks for whatever hep you can provide.



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