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From Piers Rowan <>
Subject Re: cloud-install-sys-tmplt ~questions / suggestion
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2014 22:12:05 GMT
On 27/08/14 07:45, Erik Weber wrote:
> You can pass the file from your filesystem with the -f parameter (instead
> of -u), that way you don't really have to host it on a webserver.

Excellent thanks!

Perhaps a change like this in the docs might help some like me:

<h4>Alternately The System VMs Can Be Deployed From File</h4><div class="highlight-bash">

<div class="highlight"><pre>
cd /tmp/

<span class="se">\</span>
-m /secondary <span class="se">\</span>
-f /tmp/systemvm64template-4.4.0-6-kvm.qcow2.bz2<span class="se">\</span>
-h kvm -F



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