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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: trying to upload a bootable VHD
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 16:16:08 GMT
Chris - Please use the wiki [1] in case you see any issues registering
your template. That¹s the one you should use here.

[1] -,+templates,+Sec

On 25/06/14 5:16 AM, "chris" <> wrote:

>My attempt to register a template failed. It sounds like that's the
>I want though. I'll go back and make sure I didn't do something wrong.
>I thought the dev@ address was for development of CloudStack itself?
>On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 12:54 AM, ilya musayev
>> wrote:
>> Chris,
>> If you intend to boot from this VHD, it should be set as ROOT type.
>> If you add a template through cloudstack UI or api - registerTemplate,
>> is set as type ROOT.
>> If you use createTemplate, it will create a template from ROOT disk of
>> existing VMs ROOT disk.
>> If you are using "upload volume", then its going to be a DATA disk.
>> Try posting on  for better answer.
>> Regards
>> ilya
>> On 6/24/14, 10:36 PM, chris wrote:
>>> I'm trying to use the .NET SDK to upload a bootable VHD to eventually
>>> to deploy a VM. I assume the correct sequence is upload > create
>>> >
>>> deploy VM.
>>> However, when I upload a volume, there seems to be no way to make that
>>> volume bootable (it's has the type DATADISK). Using it to create a
>>> template
>>> once it's uploaded does not work. An error is thrown stating that that
>>> image cannot be used to create a template.
>>> I've also tried registering a template, using a URL to the VHD file I
>>> to upload in the process. Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen when I
>>> try
>>> that. Going through this process also makes me wonder what the
>>> of createTemplate & registerTemplate are. I get "create", but there's
>>> way to register a created template. If "register" creates one, why
>>> with "create"?
>>> I feel like I'm missing something obvious when failing at this process

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