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From Carlos Reátegui <>
Subject Re: Cloudstack-4.3 xenserver-6.2 equallogic SAN
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:15:12 GMT
Hi Ian,
I used XenCenter to setup my network on the first host and then added the others to the cluster
within XenCenter.  When you add the primary host to CloudStack all hosts will get added.

If you follow the install instructions on the site (
you should be ok.

I think the main thing that usually trips up folks is the vhd-util step.  Make sure that the
one you download per the instructions ends up on the hosts in the /opt/xensource/bin directory.
 In the past there were problems with the script that added the hosts not copying it from
the management server.  Please note that this vhd-util is a different version than the one
that comes with XenServer and you should leave that one alone.


On Jun 23, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Dean Kamali <> wrote:

> You could ​export shares via NFS and add your shares as primary or
> secondary storage to your CS accordingly, you may export your shares
> via ISCSI volumes as well.
> There is not specific guide for Dell EQLX.
> cheers
> Dean
> ​
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 3:01 AM, Ian Marshall <> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone
>> Does anyone have a guide to help a new user setup a cloudstack with
>> xenserver and equallogic SAN?
>> I've read the guides on the cloudstack site and found a link to the Dell
>> guide for integrating EQLX to xenserver but unsure if this is correct for
>> cloudstack setup. Also not sure what should/can be configured using the xen
>> centre admin once cloudstack is implemented.
>> Regards
>> Ian

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