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From ilya musayev <>
Subject Re: KVM + VMware (and ceph)
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 20:30:18 GMT

As previously noted, you can mix and match with some degree of 
segregation (i.e. templates must be different).

I've not tried mixing KVM + VMware recently, but i see no reason why you 
cannot do that, if i recall correctly, i've done so a year ago or so, 
when i first installed cloudstack.

As for Cephs, i have somewhat similar setup, I have beefy vSphere 
hypervisors with about 1.5tb of SSD drives on each hypervisor with 10GB 
NICs, that until recently have been idle. I'm setting up Ceph cluster on 
these and will front them with iSCSI to ESX hosts as VMFS. You can also 
look into presenting Ceph as NFS to vmware.


On 6/9/14, 8:17 AM, Gerolamo Valcamonica wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> i have a production environment of cloudstack 4.3 based on KVM hosts 
> and CEPH storage
> It's a good solution for me and i have good performance on both 
> compute and storage side
> But now i have an explicit customer request for VMware environment so 
> I'm investigating about it.
> Here my questions:
> - Can i have a mixed environment KVM + VMware vSphere Essentials Plus 
> Kit under Cloudstack?
> - Can I have a mixed networking environment , so that i can, as 
> example, have a frontend VMs on KVM and a backend VMs on VMware, on 
> the same customere?
> (- Third, but off topic, question: can i have VMware hosts and CEPH 
> storage?)
> Is there someone with similar enviroment that can give me suggestion 
> about this?

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