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From Venkata Suneel Babu Mallela <>
Subject RE: CloudStack Volume Life Cycle
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:19:20 GMT
Hi Len,

Thank you very much for your instructions.

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From: Len Bellemore [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 2:39 PM
Subject: RE: CloudStack Volume Life Cycle

Hi Suneel,

I've had this where I restarted the management servers while the volumes or vms were expunging.
Bear in mind that the volumes might still actually be expunging and can take a bit of time
to finally disappear.

If you're absolutely sure that the volumes are stuck in that state, you can edit the database
to force CS into  thinking the volumes have been deleted.

First back up the cloud database:
 mysqldump -u root -p cloud >/tmp/cloud_dbdump.sql

Log into mysql:
mysql -u root -p

use the Cloud database:
use cloud;

Verify which volumes are in the incorrect state:
select id, name, instance_id, uuid, folder from volumes where removed is null and state='Expunged'\G
update volumes set removed=now() where id=<id of volume> ;

This will remove the volume from the UI, the sytem will believe that the volume has been removed,
but you must still manually remove the volume from the NFS share if need be.

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From: Venkata Suneel Babu Mallela []
Sent: 17 June 2014 10:01
Subject: CloudStack Volume Life Cycle

Hi All,

I tried to delete a volume from CloudStack UI, but it is struck at "Expunging" state. Manually
I've changed volume state from "Expunging" to "Destroy" in cloud.volumes table. After 60 seconds
the state becomes "Expunging". I tried lot of times but still the state is at "Expunging".
Is there any recommended way to remove the volumes from CloudStack UI and Physically.

Thank you,
Suneel Mallela

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