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From John Muckley <>
Subject RE: NFS storage
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2014 10:45:02 GMT
Thanks Shanker,

I got to the bottom of the problem in the end and indeed it was to do with physical networks.
Trawling through the logs I found a line indicating it wasn’t happy with one of the networks
because a VLAN was already assigned an it was effectivly trying to put a vlan on top of a

Resolved that and SSVM sprung to life and everything is happy, with the exception of the right
networks being assigned, but that is a topic for anothermail.

Thanks for your help!


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From: Shanker Balan []
Sent: 14 June 2014 06:09
To: CloudStack-Users
Subject: Re: NFS storage

Hi John,

Comments inline.

On 14-Jun-2014, at 4:08 am, John Muckley <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can someone give me an overview of how the NFS storage works? Like what servers should
have an NFS share mounted once a zone is enabled?

There is no requirement to “manually” mount primary or secondary storage. CloudStack would
do the mount automatically as per your zone configuration settings.

> I’m using NFS for my secondary storage.

The SSVM would mount your secondary storage over NFS.

> During deployment I mount the nfs share as /mnt/secondary and seed the template to the
secondary storage.
> This works fine, If I log onto my NFS server, I can see the ‘template’ folder appears
and contains the template. All is good at this point.

Ok. This is about the only “manual” mount you require before the Zone is enabled. Once
the seeding is complete, the mgmt server no longer requires the NFS mount.

> The installation guide goes on to say…
> “If you are using a separate NFS server, perform this step. If you are
> using the Management Server as the NFS server, you MUST NOT perform this step.
> When the script has finished, unmount secondary storage and remove the created directory.
> # umount /mnt/secondary
> # rmdir /mnt/secondary”


> As I am indeed using a separate NFS server, I go ahead and unmount the NFS share and
remove the mount point from the management server.
> When I create my zone through the UI, I add the NFS share details in to the secondary
storage bit and it accepts it and adds the secondary storage, but once my zone is enabled,
the system VMs do not come up and I cannot see the NFS share mounted on either of my hosts
nor on the management server.

This is most likely to be a incorrect configuration issue that prevents CloudStack from spinning
off the system VMs.

Have you had a chance to check the management server logs?

> I kind of assumed that the management-server would mount this NFS share on the appropriate
hosts and anywhere else it is required once the zone is enabled, but this doesn’t seem to

Yeah, CloudStack would mount the NFS share on one of the hosts and then create the SSVM. There
are many things that can go wrong here but usually its an Incorrect network configuration
like label mismatch, NFS permissions etc

> Has anyone else experienced this?

SSVM not spinning up is the #1 FAQ actually and the usual answer is “Have you checked your
management server logs?". :)



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