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From Steve Cleveland <>
Subject Re: Troubles with CloudStack 4.3 (new user)
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 00:31:43 GMT

On 05/19/2014 04:47 PM, Carlos Re√°tegui wrote:
> try setting secstorage.allowed.internal.sites in Global Settings in the UI to include
that ip or subnet

No change.  But a good thought.  MS and the NFS server are on, while the 'management' traffic for the zone is on  NFS server is set to allow connection for that network. 
  And I can mount the primary and secondary directories from the SSVM 

My understanding is the port 8250 is not SSL.  It acts like the SSVM is 
trying to use SSL but failing.  Is there a way to switch it to non SSL?

  - Steve

> On May 19, 2014, at 4:44 PM, Steve Cleveland <> wrote:
>> On 05/19/2014 04:30 PM, Carlos Re√°tegui wrote:
>>> Not sure if this will help but try disabling iptables on the XS host.
>> The address is the MS.  I have tried disabling iptables on both MS and
XS but no change.
>> - Steve
>>> On May 19, 2014, at 3:51 PM, Steve Cleveland <>
>>>> I'm running into a few problems setting up cloudstack for the first time.
 Most I've resolved, but I wanted to share.  I'm using CentOS 6.5 and XenServer 6.2.  Both
have the latest updates installed.  And I'm using an external MariaDB 5.5.35 server and an
external NFS server (both primary and secondary storage).  I'm following these instructions:
>>>> 1. The RPM package repository shows setting up 4.2.  Substituting 4.3 works
>>>> 2. The section on MySQL running on the MS says to run cloudstack-setup-management
on step 9.  Using an external MySQL section does not include this step, but causes errors
if I manually try to start the cloudstack-managment service.  I assume that's just a documentation
problem and that I'm supposed to run cloudstack-setup-management.
>>>> 3. After running 'cloudstack-setup-management' it starts the service.  But
the web interface never comes up (I get a service unavailable error).  The management-server.log
file has this error:
>>>> 2014-05-19 13:19:42,120 ERROR [c.c.u.DatabaseUpgradeChecker] (main:null)
Unable to execute upgrade script: /usr/share/cloudstack-management/setup/db/schema-421to430.sql
>>>> java.sql.SQLException: You can't specify target table 'configuration' for
update in FROM clause
>>>> I've duplicated this multiple times.  It appears that the cloudstack-setup-databases
script configures an older database layout and then has to run this script when it first starts.
 But there are two lines that are invalid, at least to MariaDB.
>>>> UPDATE `cloud`.`configuration` SET value = CONCAT("*.",(SELECT `temptable`.`value`
FROM (SELECT * FROM `cloud`.`configuration` WHERE `name`="consoleproxy.url.domain") AS `temptable`
WHERE `temptable`.`name`="consoleproxy.url.domain")) WHERE `name`="consoleproxy.url.domain";
>>>> UPDATE `cloud`.`configuration` SET `value` = CONCAT("*.",(SELECT `temptable`.`value`
FROM (SELECT * FROM `cloud`.`configuration` WHERE `name`="secstorage.ssl.cert.domain") AS
`temptable` WHERE `temptable`.`name`="secstorage.ssl.cert.domain")) WHERE `name`="secstorage.ssl.cert.domain";
>>>> That table is empty on a new install anyway (which may be the reason for
the error), so I commented them out.  Since it failed part way through, it generates more
errors.  So I've had to delete the databases and rerun cloudstack-setup-databases and restart
the service.
>>>> 4. I download vhd-util to /usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/vm/hypervisor/xenserver
on the MS before adding the XenServer, but it doesn't get copied to /opt/xensource/bin.  I
manually copy it and is then able to create the system VMs.
>>>> 5. After I setup the zone, I finally get the s- and v- VMs running. But I'm
not getting the CentOS built-in template.  It just says "Ready: No".  If I login to the SSVM
and look at /var/log/cloud.log, I see:
>>>> 2014-05-19 22:29:59,143 INFO  [utils.nio.NioClient] (Agent-Selector:null)
Connecting to
>>>> 2014-05-19 22:29:59,147 ERROR [utils.nio.NioConnection] (Agent-Selector:null)
Unable to initialize the threads.
>>>> SSL: Fail to init SSL! Connection
closed with -1 on reading size.
>>>>         at
>>>>         at
>>>>         at
>>>> It happens over and over about every five seconds.  I'm guessing this is
the source of my problem.  If I run /usr/local/cloud/systemvm/, it reports everything
is Good.  I haven't setup SSL in any fashion as it's an early PoC.
>>>> The Systems VM page shows both system VMs as up.  But the management-server.log
file prints this every 30 seconds:
>>>> 2014-05-19 15:41:38,556 DEBUG [c.c.s.s.SecondaryStorageManagerImpl] (secstorage-1:ctx-ed6e40a6)
Zone 1 is ready to launch secondary storage VM
>>>> Any help with this last issue is greatly appreciated.  Again, this a brand-new,
unmodified installation.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> - Steve

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