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From Xerex Bueno <xbu...@LPSIntegration.COM>
Subject Re: Public IP Addressing in a Advanced Zone behind a Firewall
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 21:09:04 GMT
So you will not be able to NAT the public IPs to the vRouter.  If you do
NAT them it will become a mess for management, not to mention you reduce
the effectiveness of Cloudstack as a cloud management tool.  You need to
expose that block to your WAN switch of which the public interface will
need to connect to.  If you really wanted to put a firewall in front you
would need to place it in transparent mode which would allow you to create
policies to control traffic.

On 4/3/14, 1:59 PM, "Fred Newtz" <> wrote:

>Public IP addresses confuse me the most in a Cloudstack install.  I have a
>Firewall that is hosting all of my public IP addresses now.  The
>server is supposed to sit behind a NAT device to protect it from attack.
>How am I supposed to assign public IP addresses to virtual machines
>(virtual routers) inside of the NAT device? I have not seen any clear
>documentation on how this is supposed to be configured to make everything
>work correctly.  Where do I assign my IP addresses and how do I get them
>through the firewall correctly?
>I just purchased a Juniper SRX100 device (will be a small deployment).
>Will installing this help manage the Public IP situation easier (and even
>automatic)?  If anyone has any suggestions on what I should search for to
>solve this issue that would be great.  Explaining would be even better.


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