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From Konstantinos Karampogias <>
Subject Public Shared Network, no-vlans
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:29:18 GMT
I have the following architecture

(internet) ------(GW)--[ SWITCH A, public IPs address, no vlans]
-------eth0-[ Cloudstack hosts]-eth1------ [SWITCH B, vlans, private

I want to create  a direct public shared network, in which the VMs
will have routable public IP.

Can I do that given that
-Management Traffic, Guest Traffic are connected to SWITCH B (Physical
Network -eth1),
-Public Traffic connected to SWITCH A (Physical Network-eth0),
-no vlan in SWITCH A?

What is the original networking set up I should follow?

I have been experimenting with cloudstack version 4.3


Konstantinos Karampogias

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