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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Custom realHost app
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 17:11:56 GMT
On 28.04.2014 17:59, Rafael Weingartner wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am trying to create my own "realHost" DNS server.
> I followed the instructions from here:
> thanks NUX ;)
> The app is up and running, however, I am struggling to make it work 
> with my
> DNS server that is ran by the VR.
> How could I add it to be a nameserver to DNSMASQ in the VR, in toder 
> to
> answer the queries X-X-X-X.realhost.internal?
> I mean, the DNSMASQ will forward any request that it receives to the 
> first
> nameserver, I could make my "realHost" as the first one, but it just 
> solves
> the internal names.
> Is there any way to force DNSMASQ to try to solve the name with the
> following nameserver from its config when the name is not found on the
> nameserver that it tried first?

I think dnsmasq will read and serve contents from /etc/hosts (check the 
config), so if you add all your records there dnsmasq should "resolve" 


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