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From Jonathan Gowar <>
Subject CloudStack public networking query
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2014 01:46:42 GMT

  I'd like to confirm how public networking works; 2 part query.

1) Let's say I have a private cloud 10.x.x.x , can I contact all these
machines over a public network?  Most of what I read talks about NAT or
Juniper SRX machines.  But, what if I have 100 customers each wanting
public SSH access, how does that then work?  Surely then NAT will not
cut it.

2) Also, on a practical note, how would this be physicall connected e.g.

1x switch
1x linux firewall
1x management server
1x nfs server
2x hosts

Would I trunk a public network to the uplinks on my switch, then add the
public VLAN to the ports the hosts are on.  The firewall can do NAT and
port forwarding for the management LAN.  Does that sound right?

Many thanks,

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