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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Customise XenServer ISO?
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2014 08:43:08 GMT
On 05.03.2014 01:10, Tim Mackey wrote:
> That took a bit of digging.  Again, I've tried neither, but there are 
> two
> other options:
> 1. Modify XS-REPOSITORY-LIST in the ISO to contain your supplemental 
> packs
> (aka drivers) and re-seal it
> 2. Use an answerfile and add in the line(s): <driver-source 
> type="url">
> If you do the answerfile, you can have multiple driver-source lines 
> listed.
>  That would be my preferred option.


At point 2, what is this answerfile you are talking about, do I have to 
open up the ISO? Is it possible to have a "local" driver-source type? 
I'd try to avoid going out on the network without network drivers. :)


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