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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: KVM storage questions
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2014 09:11:46 GMT
On 18.03.2014 04:51, Bjoern Teipel wrote:
> Hi admins,
> do you want to share what kind of storage you use in connection for 
> 4.2.1 ?
> I guess most of you is using NFS but myself is forced to use CLVM 
> since I
> have a iscsi flash based storage system available. This is also the 
> reason
> why I contact you, I personally find CLVM clunky, error prone and dead 
> lock
> heavy. Who is using CLVM in production and what kind of cluster config 
> do
> you use ?
> I'm still trying to find out if I don't switch to NFS to avoid all 
> upcoming
> CLVM and ldm locking issues.
> Maybe some of you are using OCFS, which I used few years ago with 
> limited
> success.
> Thanks
> Bjoern


I do not use CLVM in production (yet), but tests faired well (CentOS 
6.5, 2 nodes).
If you want to use SAN with KVM I'm afraid it's about the only 
reasonable option. GFS2 is slow, OCFS is slow and hard to get (unless 
you use Oracle's distro), both introduce a lot of complexity.
CLVM is also what XenServer is using behind the scenes when you add 
"SAN" storage to it, AFAIK.
Here's my 2 node cluster.conf, not much fencing so don't use in 

Check also

Personally I will start production with local storage and take it from 
there. Also, there is support for CEPH and starting with 4.4 (so later 
this year) there will native GlusterFS support in ACS.


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