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From "Talk Jesus" <>
Subject New Initial Setup Questions (THANK YOU in advance)
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:33:31 GMT
One more's the below for a decent, initial CS setup?

Server #1
Purpose: CloudStack Control Panel Install (Management Server)
Qty: 1
VM Machine (one production, one backup/HA)
Cores: about 2-4 

Server #2
Purpose: HV (CPU + Memory + Storage)
Qty: 1 plus 1 for failover (HA)
Dual Hexacore CPUs
12 x 2TB SAS (or 6x1TB SSD) RAID10

Server #3
Purpose: Backup (NAS)
Qty: 1
Dual Quad Core CPUs
12 x 2TB SATA RAID10

Question: for server #2 (HV), the CPU example is 24 Cores total. So,
technically speaking I can offer a max of 6 VM's with 4 CPU cores allowanced
to each one, correct? Does CS allow "overselling" by any means on

Am I missing anything from above initial hardware setup?

Anyone have any high availability (HA) setup recommendations for all 3
servers? I mean does CS have an HA config option within its own management
console or is HA something done manually outside the CS software, but within
the o/s on the nodes?

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