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From "Talk Jesus" <>
Subject RE: New to CS, some prep questions
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 15:34:31 GMT
Thanks for the response. I actually forgot to include one serve for actual storage. However,
would it be more simplified and easier to just have a the storage server act also as the CPU/Memory
(power) server too? Does CloudStack have some config ability to claim a server as an HA server
(high availability)?

For example (new infrastructure example, based of your vm suggestion too)

Server #1
Purpose: CloudStack Control Panel Install (Management Server)
Qty: 1
VM Machine (one production, one backup/HA)
Cores: about 2-4 

Server #2
Purpose: Hypervisors (CPU + Memory + Storage)
Qty: 1 plus 1 for failover (HA)
Dual Hexacore CPUs
12 x 1TB SAS (or SSD) RAID1
*above drives is for main storage, I know is pricey, but it's only for an example*

Server #3
Purpose: Backup Server (NAS)
Qty: 1
Dual Quad Core CPUs
12 x 2TB SATA RAID10

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