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From Dag Sonstebo <>
Subject Cloudstack 4.2.1 / Xenserver 6.1 GRE tunnelling / createTunnelNetwork failed
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 22:53:01 GMT

I’ve spent a fair bit of lab time trying to get GRE tunnelling working in CloudStack 4.2.1
/ Xenserver 6.1 but have had no luck so far.
As per various posts, documents and wiki articles I’ve got:

- Xenserver 6.1 cluster with all patches, CloudStack 4.2.1 installed from RPMs (CentOS 6.5).
- Advanced zone configuration (no security groups).
- Public and management networks configured with VLAN isolation (bonds).
- sdn.ovs.controller set to “true", sdn.ovs.controller.default.label set to network label
of the guest network.
- Guest network traffic configured for GRE,  IP interfaces configured on the guest network
and “VLAN range” configured.

The problem is tunnels won’t come up, tagged networks are created but no GRE tunnels are
created between XS hosts. Whilst the SSVM and CP come online the domain router and the first
VM fail to start. 
Checking the management server logs the root cause seems to point to a “createTunnelNetwork
failed” error. 

Doing a bit more digging I found the following bug logged back in September:

1) Considering the bug above was logged for CS4.1 - is GRE under active development as per
4.2.1/4.3? Is it considered to be a working component of CloudStack?  
2) Has anyone managed to get GRE tunnelling working - if so are there any patches / workarounds
/ specific component versions required?


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