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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Connect to a MySQL Galera Cluster
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2014 03:08:08 GMT
On 26.01.2014 02:33, Francois Gaudreault wrote:
> We are trying to make CloudStack to work with a Galera two node
> master/master cluster. We have a NetScaler doing DataStream LB in
> front of the cluster, and we have two CloudStack management servers in
> active/active.
> Anyone had success with this kind of scenario? As soon as I shut a
> MySQL node, the CloudStack JDBC panics, and the management server
> fence themselves.  Why this is happening? Is there any way to handle
> database failures in HA fashion? Any large cloud providers using
> CloudStack handle this?


I know there are people on the ml who are using galera and I'm planning 
on using it myself for Cloudstack.
We already have a 3 node deployment, but it is loadbalanced on virtual 
IPs and load balancer (we run VIP on each node as well as Haproxy), 
hopefully this will keep Cloudstack happy, I suggest you do a similar 


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